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Engaging audiences with inspiring content.

We'll tell your story and build your brand through design, video, and digital marketing.





Helix Media Marketing is a full-service marketing agency specializing in high-quality video content. Our unique in-house copywriting, graphic design, video production, and digital marketing skills support authentic brand positioning, crisp logo design, straightforward website development, engaging content creation, marketing strategy, social media, and full digital campaigns.


specializing in



Video is the most engaging, emotional, educational, and empathetic way to tell your story. It’s how your customers are consuming information. It’s more clickable, shareable, and memorable than any other medium.


Video content should be the foundation of your marketing strategy.


Helix Media Marketing excels in the production of high-quality, engaging, and inspiring video content. 



discovering your

What are the unique propositions at the very core of your brand?


We’ll take a deep-dive into the building blocks that set you apart beyond your basics.


The results may surprise you and lay the groundwork for a fresh approach to your foundational brand message and look, with new marketing content that will resonate with a broader audience.

Contact us to take our no-obligation Marketing DNA Test.




telling your brand story


Content creation is the material you contribute to the online world. It includes your foundational brand message, updating your website, blogging, photography, social media, digital marketing, and most importantly the creation of engaging video content.


Using the results of your Marketing DNA Test, we create content at the level you need through our branding, copywriting, graphic design, photography, digital marketing, and unique video production skills.

We can help you amplify your brand and grow your audience by engaging with it through full-service marketing strategies and campaigns.

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