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The higher education landscape is constantly evolving; and so are the needs of your audiences.


Creating dynamic, crisp and relevant content is key to success.

From prospective students and families to alumni and donors and everyone in between, engagement with these audiences is more critical than ever. 


Working with Emmanuel College in Boston, we have created a wide range of video content - from long-form to short snippets - all with the goal of increasing awareness, enrollment and advancement.

"What I appreciate most about working with Helix is not just the final product, but the process they have in place to get the best results. The team is thoughtful about understanding our goals and needs and tailors every piece of content based on the particular opportunity or challenge. It's not just video output - it's research, storyboarding, script writing, project management and more."


Emmanuel College Logo

Molly DiLorenzo

Vice President of College Relations

Emmanuel College - Boston


Watch some examples of our recent work for Emmanuel College below.

Narrative tour to replace traditional 3D tours:

Explaining how students are in demand:

Proving that students are in demand:

Reach out to learn how Helix can help you increase awareness and enrollment.

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