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Former Pro Football Players Meet Current Marketing Pros

Trevor Coston and Derek Session are former Division 1 football standouts at the University of Maine who both played with the NFL. They wished to expand their business that provided football specific training to one that includes general sports performance training for student athletes plus unique fitness training programs for everyday adults.

Derek Session and Trevor Coston at the Helix Studio.

When our team first met with Aim Precision owner Trevor and his close friend Derek Session at our Helix Media Marketing offices and studio in Falmouth, Maine, there was instant rapport and belief among us.

Different Clients Have Unique Needs

Some clients need a new or refreshed brand. Others need help getting their brand message and content in front of people. Many need frequent video content.

Helix Media Marketing's promise is:

“We'll tell your story and build your brand through design, video, and digital marketing.”

Aim Precision gave us an opportunity to employ our full in-house repertoire, step by step. We set out to help them organize their programs and develop a strong well-differentiated brand to enhance their reputation, increase their visibility and make their business grow more easily.

Step One: Marketing DNA Test

First we took our old-fashioned journalistic

approach to discovering more about Trevor and Derek’s stories, style, voice, products, vision and mission.

After conducting interviews and gathering information, we began developing the unique selling propositions that set them apart (their Marketing DNA), to guide compelling brand design.

Step Two: Brand Design

Renaming Aim Precision to something more apropos of the business was critical and Aim Performance and Fitness was born.

Aim needed a meaningful logo, colors and fonts and the Helix team ultimately produced an eye-catching brand look that evokes style, athletics and achievement with a nod to University of Maine colors.

We established a brand voice that is approachable and inclusive, enthusiastic yet authoritative, reflecting Trevor and Derek’s personalities and knowledge.

Using the brand voice and Marketing DNA, we created bios, mission and vision statements, taglines and optimized copy for integration into a website, other digital platforms and marketing materials.

Multiple photo shoots produced signature images that artfully depict the Aim brand persona and programs, with clients and teams at work in the Aim field house in Richmond, Maine and off site.

Step Three: Website Design

Next we designed and developed Aim’s most important brand tool, a website that is the main place for their target audiences to learn who they are, what they do and who they serve, and is integrated with their social media platforms.

While the Aim website successfully tells the story through full brand assimilation, it also has practical programs and e-commerce functions, making it easy for new customers, once engaged, to sign up and pay with a couple of clicks.

Step Four: Video Production

Frequent, high-quality brand visual, storytelling and explainer video content formatted for websites and social media is required to create and satisfy new audiences and grow a business. Helix Media Marketing specializes in this.

For Aim, Helix has produced frequent video content that shows who they are, what they do and how they do it, plus testimonial interview content to which its target customers can relate.

Step Five: Digital Marketing

With strong brand presence, a compelling and functional website and rich video content to work with, Helix helps Aim with ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM) to keep them in front of the right audiences.

Step Six: Impact a Million People

Since working with Helix Media Marketing, Aim’s reputation, visibility and business has grown, as has their ability to execute their mission:

“To inspire everyone we encounter through our principles of connection, coaching, and programming. We aim to successfully communicate to create strong bonds and inspire; provide leadership through strategic cueing and motivation; and use science-based, intentional methods to create consistent routines and results.”

Our relationship with Aim is ongoing. As they ramp up their programs and develop a non-profit academy for underserved youth, we will continue our support with website management, social media, print materials, event planning and more in order to help them achieve their vision:

“To impact a million people before we are through, at our field house, in the Maine community, and around the world.”


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