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Helix Media Marketing is a video production, branding, and digital marketing agency specifically designed to grow your business or community by telling your story in many creative ways.


We design meaningful brands that resonate with their audiences through sharp graphic design and authentic brand voice.

We create engaging 4K videos with standout production values that are highly watchable, informative, and emotional. 

We design and integrate websites, social media platforms, and digital marketing campaigns to ensure your brand story reaches your audience.


Whether we produce video content for you, refresh your brand, build your website, run your digital marketing campaigns, or all of the above, just tell us your story and we’ll do the rest.




Brand Storytelling


Aerial & Scenery

Infographic & Explainer

Narrative Tours

Social Media Clips











Website Development

Search Engine Optimization

Digital Marketing

Social Media

Search Engine Marketing

Email Marketing



helix VIDEO

Genuine, compelling video content is the most important medium to connect with your audience.

Helix uses an old-fashioned journalistic approach to discover your unique brand story, create effective scripts and conduct evocative interviews. Using our modern production gear, creative video shot taking, and graphic design and video editing skills, we integrate interviews, scenery, aerials, visual effects, infographics, voiceover and more into expertly edited video content.


We produce videos of various lengths for you to use across all of your digital platforms and marketing campaigns. Our genuine, compelling storytelling, explainer, infographic, aerial and scenic videos will allow you to effectively engage with, emotionally move, and educate your audience while building your brand credibility, growing your enterprise and cementing your legacy.




A genuine brand voice and sharp, meaningful branded graphics make your identity resonate with your audience.

Helix creates brands from scratch for startup businesses and refreshes brands for well-established enterprises. We build your brand voice with focused, effective, and repeatable copywriting for use on your digital platforms and in your promotional content. 


Helix creates sharp graphics, branded colors and logos that genuinely tell your brand story in an easily recognizable way. We provide signature branded photography and video content that enhances your brand presence.


Helix integrates your brand voice and visuals into a newly designed or refreshed website, into your social and other digital platform designs, and for print.




A solid digital strategy and the right platforms will put your brand and content in front of the right audience.



With your brand voice established, your digital platforms in place, and your video content at the ready, we can put together and execute your digital marketing plan that gets your brand story in front of a targeted audience.


From the development of your website and its written and visual content to the integration of your marketing content across your social media platforms, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and advertising, we are positioned to enhance your marketing plan or be your de facto marketing department.

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