• Marketing DNA Test

  • Unique Selling Propositions Documents

  • Copywriting

  • Concepts and Scripting

  • Interviews

  • Video production

  • Infographics

  • Filming

  • Editing

  • Delivery

  • Custom Landing Pages

  • YouTube Pages

  • Social Media Pages

  • Website Development

  • Website Administration

  • Blog Content

  • Social Media Advertising

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Graphic Design

  • Logos

  • Print Advertising

  • Signage

  • Media Buys

  • Photography

  • Event Coordination

  • Lifestyle Sales Coaching



First, we take a fast-paced old fashioned journalistic deep dive into your message with our Marketing DNA Test. We interview key team members and other players in your world, resulting in your Unique Selling Propositions document.



We turn your Unique Selling Propositions into genuine, story-based video content that sets you apart, builds your brand, and makes you a trusted authority. You can just be yourself and we handle conception, scripting, interviewing, filming, audio, editing, graphics, and delivery of your content.



Your video content needs to be seen. Whether you have a full-blown marketing team in place or do very little marketing at all, our Helix and Double Helix Integration processes offer different levels designed to enhance your digital marketing strategy based on your needs. We create video platforms, custom landing pages, blogs, social media posts, and much more, designed to maximize views, website traffic, and inquiry from engaged customers. 



We provide analytics through multiple platforms to assess the effectiveness of your video content. We can measure number, sources, and length of views as well as viewer frequency and demographics to determine your most effective content.  

Video content is about frequency. With analytics, our endless ideas, your Unique Selling Propositions, and a bank of your interview and scenic footage, we can continually create fresh and relevant video content for you.

Helix Media Marketing is a hybrid video production company and digital marketing agency. We provide video content combined with supportive digital marketing services.


We use interviews, aerials, visual effects, infographics, and personal storytelling to entertain, engage, and educate while building credibility for our brands, communities, and places. 


We have all the cool gear, the research and storytelling chops, a creative flair, and extensive experience in lifestyle marketing. And we know all about digital strategy, websites, social media, and optimizing your unique brand story throughout your marketing strategy. 

Let us help you discover your marketing DNA. 

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